Prejudice and racism now against white people.

As a women of color I find this despicable as fuck. How are we supposed to put an end to the foul past if we are very well intending to keep it alive. We only hate it when its upon ourselves but, yet when we flip it onto somebody else we enjoy it. I can’t comprehend this at all we need to move past what happened. Never forget what happened of course but, lets not make it a reason to hate anybody. Yes prejudice and racism is well and alive against colored people but, hate with more hate is only gonna create MORE HATE!. SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE we all are beautiful people beyond the color of our skins.

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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    Thank you for your enlightened views, Despite race creed or colour we are all beautiful in our own ways!


  2. Here’s the thing. As a white woman, I’ve been fighting against the egomaniacal, white males that are pretty much destroying all of us and everything on the planet. The problem with fighting them is they have all the power/money and they make up the laws as they go along. Women have been desperately trying to change things but to no avail. Violence against women and children hasn’t changed at all. The laws favor and protect men because women don’t have a voice, when it comes to writing the laws, nor do people of color. Pay for women…still less than men and even lower for women of color. Hatred and lies seem to be everywhere today. It doesn’t matter if there is reverse racism against white people, the WHITE MEN in charge have all the guns/armed forces/militarized police, etc. I don’t understand how the police…who are supposed to protect the people…protect the rich white guys instead. I don’t know how to stop any of it. Solidarity between people seems the only way to move forward but you know how impossible that is. To make matters worse, where you come from makes a difference in how you view the world an what’s going on in it. Even different neighborhoods in Chicago have different attitudes and points of view. It’s almost impossible for people to work together as a large group. Everyone has their own agenda. Grassroots organizations never have enough money or people to sustain themselves. Problems with no solutions that I can see at the moment.

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    1. Yes this is something i can definetly agree with you on what I mean is being angry with ALL white people and hating them for it. Look at most the things that white people are stereotyped as being as is terrible lol

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  3. Beautifully, wisely said. Hugs on the wing!


    1. Thank you mamash 💗


  4. myplace3187 says:

    Hatred and Racism has to end now !! How may generations have gone through this systematical system of having to hate and be racist against another skin color ??? This world needs to have a huge shake up to even start to change this attitude at all. Dr, King made a difference with his involvement in Civil Rights. Let us of all races stand hand in hand across the world to say enough is enough. Power must be shred equally and fairly with each nation with out any more of this whites are to blame approach !!

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  5. Thank you! As a white (presumably straight) guy, Leftist groups constantly demonize me. Like I’m de facto a Nazi.

    The problem is, people attack my group, then start getting nervous when we get organized to talk about it.

    I’m quite happy to just be a people. A people like everyone else. Until I’m attacked.

    I always say, our first emotion is love. It’s so good to see such a strong heart! Keep lighting the way!


    1. Yes hun i believe everyone is truly the same despite all the barriers ! Thank you for your kind comment


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