Where does the problem start here in the ghetto? Where does it all start?

The ghetto where people of steel are born

You’re start in life isn’t exactly the most luxurious but, start nevertheless

Where does the thin line between between success story and still in the hood lie!

Who are the students who are going to make it those who are not? Why can’t all of them make it! All of them deserve to make it.

Why are so many kids who are different being left with no help, why are so many student not being reached out to enough? What can we do to help? There’s plenty to do to start with we need to understand the problems many of us face at home. Yes the statistics of all the sad things you hear about being more likely in an urban area is true. We need more mental health for all students! Yes we see the student with A+ but, is there capability of following directions and taking in specified information with no choice the only form of deciding he is perfectly healthy? Really here in the ghetto ?yes some of us live comfortable and many worse than others but, i gurantee you every student would benefit from mental health. why are our children killing our children? Why is sexual abuse so common here? Why is there so much drug abuse? Why do so many kids stop going to school? Why are the homeless not being helped?

So many problems within our community that can be reduced with just giving all our students mental health benefits!

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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    You write with compassion and maturity!

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  2. John says:

    The word ghetto means a lot. I suppose you mean in the US? If so, I can tell you how it´s in Sweden!


    1. Yes in the US 🙂 and how is it?

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  3. Jokerswild says:

    So true, I think people have to want to get help also. They can’t just accept defeat like it’s the only option, there are no victims if you choose to become a survivor. Powerful post, and some good points.

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    1. Yes true and thank you 🙂

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  4. sandymancan says:

    You start with the stimuli within the stimulus that’s within each individual’s value system, that value system rises and fall with the economic reality of each individual, In the hood people operate within their value system base on the stimuli in their motivations independent of right and wrong. Thus you can justify any actions base on your perceptions of fairness in your value system determined by your economics.


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